Soar, dive, and grab loot in Bank Rush

Let’s say you’re a bank robber. Let’s say you’ve been put into the slammer for a long time, but you manage to break out with the aid of some rocket-powered shoes that you built. If the first thing you do with your newfound freedom and superpowers is turn around and rob that bank again, then you might want to seek help for your addiction. Bank Rush is an action game that suits crime addicts; it lets you make airborne bank robberies. Talk about being a born supervillain.

Your Bank Rush adventure begins as soon as you bust out of the hoosegow. Your new rocket-powered shoes (coming soon from Nike!) take you a short way, but to keep up your momentum you need to hitch rides on whatever is flying through the air. Luckily, the air space in Bank Rush is pretty busy. You can grab a seat on a passing missile, bounce off a balloon, or tame a pelican.

Whatever method you use to propel your thieving bones, you need to keep scooting and looting. That way, you can bust into bank vaults, fly on through, and clean them out before anyone even has a chance to look upwards. You can also plunge from the sky like a money-grubbing eagle and relieve the citizens of their cash and possessions. They wouldn’t know what to do with ’em, anyway.

Bank Rush is coming to iOS later this month. Don’t let the thrill of flight get in the way of making you a stinking rich con.