No relation to the fluffernutter sandwich

If I had an award to give out for Best Game Title Ever, it just might go to Nutty Fluffies. Seriously, try and say it without cracking a smile. Any luck? That’s what I thought.

Nutty Fluffies is an upcoming game from RedLynx, the team behind the unapologetically difficult Trials series. For those of you who haven’t played a Trials game before, they’re physics-based racing/puzzle games where you try to keep a motorcycle upright while navigating a series of steep jumps and obstacles. Nutty Fluffies will be similar on a mechanical level, but you’ll instead be in control of a rollercoaster filled with stuffed animals. So, that’s kind of different.

Nutty Fluffies

Don’t let its plush exterior fool you, though: This game isn’t kidding around. You’ll have to micromanage your rollercoaster at all times, making sure it has enough momentum to climb inclines, and stopping it from flying too far into the air and crashing. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the task at hand, you can purchase stuffed animals that grant you bonuses or gameplay advantages. But even with the added help, chances are you’ll learn enough new swear words in your moments of frustration that you’ll be able to publish the world’s most offensive thesaurus. Several volumes, even!

But extreme difficulty is the exact ingredient that’s kept so many of us coming back to the Trials series, and being able to have that experience on the go is an exciting prospect. Call us masochists or thrill seekers, but there’s a league of players out there who want games to bombard them with unforgiving challenges. 

Nutty Fluffies

Though a specific release date hasn’t been revealed yet, publisher Ubisoft has stated that the game will be unleashed sometime this year. We know this is short notice, but you should probably start reading up on rollercoaster and stuffed animal physics.