Oh! Sheep is a line-drawing game that demonstrates why it’s sometimes important to be a follower.

If someone calls you a “sheep,” the implication is that you’re a brainless follower of some ideal or policy. Not a very flattering character trait to be sure, but sheep-like tendencies make up the core gameplay of Oh! Sheep, a line-drawing game for iOS. Sometimes, walking a direct path isn’t so baaaaa-d.

Oh! Sheep follows the adventures of several sheep agents as they attempt to steal some magic berries from a mad scientist. Why? Well, evil doctors shouldn’t have access to magic berries, should they? You assist the sheep by drawing lines that guide them around the playing field.

Oh! Sheep takes inspiration from similar iOS games like Spy Mouse, but the ability to control multiple sheep at one time adds an extra layer of gameplay. The sheep need to work together to overcome obstacles and hazards. For instance, when one sheep steps on a trigger to lower a spike trap, the other sheep can skip across it merrily without taking damage.

There are two scenes with 90 levels, plus 8 bonus levels. Oh! Sheep is free-to-play for the first fifteen levels in each of the two scenes, and 99 cents unlocks the whole shebang.

Oh! Sheep

Oh! Sheep hits the App Store later this month. Hey, put away those shears. Present company finds them offensive.