Age of Myth is a clash of the titans—and the gods.

If you’re up on your Greek mythology, then you probably already know that the gods of Olympus weren’t always benevolent. Sure, Zeus would sometimes intervene in mortals’ lives—typically to score with a maiden—but he was just as content to kick back with a chalice of the good stuff while humanity burned. Age of Myth is an iOS action/defense game that showcases Zeus’s rare, protective side.

Age of Myth begins just as Crete’s age of peace is shattered by an invasion of underworld demons. Thanatos, Hades, and Poseidon have invited their evil minions to an island-sized house party, and Zeus isn’t happy about the arrangement. He calls on his sons and the soldiers of Athena to help him put things right.

Endless enemies swarm up from the abyss, and Zeus’s heavenly army needs to put them back to bed. The good guys include Zeus, Apollo, and Hercules, each of whom has a skillset that calls back to their stories and myths. For instance, Apollo is proficient with a bow, and he can call on his fiery horses to trample the bad guys. You can also upgrade your heroes, because the only thing more menacing than Hercules is Hercules with a big, big sword.

Age of Myth

Age of Myth

Age of Myth also has a town-building element, wherein you can lay down dwellings and temples. It seems a little egotistical for a god to build a temple for him or herself, but who’s going to argue?  Age of Myth is coming to the App Store soon, which gives you just enough time to take Apollo’s fiery horses out for a joyride.