How many dwarves does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Is your kingdom suffering from a goblin problem? You’ll want a few good dwarves on your side. 300 Dwarves is a tower defense game for iOS that invokes mental images of the legendary Spartan army—but even though dwarves are likewise fierce fighters, you probably don’t want to see any of them half-naked.

300 Dwarves takes place in a war-torn kingdom that has been picked clean by goblin hordes. Worse yet, the goblins keep coming back for more. The king hires on some dwarven mercenaries as a last resort, and they agree to defend the remnants of the kingdom in the name of honor and glory (and a decent paycheck).

Though the average goblin is better off slamming its face against a brick wall than taking on a dwarf, the dwarves of 300 Dwarves prefer to do their fighting at a distance with the aid of their towers. You need to help set up and upgrade nine different towers and balance each one’s strength and weaknesses. You have access to artillery and magic, and the treasure you gain through battle can go towards bettering your weapons.

300 Dwarves features hand-drawn graphics and an array of baddies ranging from goblin foot soldiers to bigger, presumably smellier bosses and beasts.

Go ahead and mull some mead, because 300 Dwarves hits the App Store at the tail end of summer—just in time for nippy nights and lusty drinking songs.