A pescetarian’s dream come true.

Fun fact: Contrary to what Aristotle said in the past, the octopus is a pretty intelligent creature. Not as intelligent as us humans, but intelligent all the same. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the ones in Oh Hi! Octopi!, the upcoming game from 1-bit Ninja developer kode80. They sort of just wander around and let you hit them with a hammer which, last I checked, is not a sign of a high IQ. What a shame.

For what it’s worth, you won’t be smacking the octopi for no good reason: You’ll be doing it to rack up the highest score possible, a feat which requires you to knock them off en masse. Let’s say there are five pink octopi on the bottom of the level, followed by three in the middle section, and one on the very top. If you hit the top octopi with a pink paint bubble, and the other ones are directly below him, he’ll hit them all on his way down, resulting in a net total of nine. To complete a round, you need to knock out ten of the same color in one fell swoop. And because it’s a puzzle game, the octopi increase their speed as you progress, which makes lining them up continually more of a challenge.

Oh Hi! Octopi!

The game’s pixel art looks downright gorgeous, and if the music in the trailer is any indication, the soundtrack will be just as fantastic. It seems like the perfect game to kill a few minutes with here and there, especially if you have pent-up anger towards cephalopods. And really, who doesn’t?