Who better to help you grow kiwis than more kiwis?

Heads up: a new farming game is on the way for iOS. Not exactly a mind-blowing revelation, right? Well, what about a game about farming kiwis? The fruit, mind you—you wouldn’t be farming New Zealanders. Still not impressed? How about this: In Kiwi Farm, the kiwis farm themselves. There you go. Kiwis are delicious, juicy, and self-reliant (that goes for the people as well as the fruit).

Kiwi Farm

Kiwi Farm stars a bunch of googly-eyed kiwis that were apparently born to work the land. You must help them thrive as their home vine grows up, up, and up. The higher you go, the more cool surprises you can discover.

But a plain vine is a boring vine. Each of your kiwis needs to be assigned to a task in order to fancy up the homestead and keep it running. Some tasks include constructing buildings, managing bees (which pollinate kiwis), and protecting your emerald crop from pests. There’s also a baby kiwi that needs to be fed kiwis via mini-game (does doing so count as encouraging cannibalism? The jury’s still out on this one).

Kiwi Farm

Kiwi Farm is available for free on the App Store on September 6.It’s best enjoyed with some strawberries and a bit of whipped cream.