So far, players have gotten a glimpse at Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension and its three factions in developer diaries #1 and #2.  This week, though, we wanted to dig into the specific benefits that players will be getting when they ascend a city.  As a player begins to rebuild their Ascended City, they will be given access to a series of faction themed blessings and new buildings, the City Center and Grove, to help them manage their city better than they previously could.


The true benefits of ascension lie within the blessing system.  This is where players can unlock new troops, reduced resource costs, bonuses to finding Aetherstones and Throne Room items, and even an additional healing queue for the Apothecary.  For the first time ever, players will be able to unlock new troops and heal two types of troops at once. 

In the two sections below, we’ve outlined what the current Major and Minor Blessings will be for the Druid faction.  Please note that these could change before the official release of Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension.

Major Blessings are the game-changers of Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension. Chosen at Ascension Levels 1, 4, 7 and 10, Major Blessings are the ultimate expression of a faction’s power.  At Level 1, players will unlock the Bloodthorn unit, but after that, choices will need to be made that will define what each player’s Druid City will be capable of doing.

Listed below are the Major Blessings for the Druid Faction:

  • Fighting Spirit: Unlocks the Bloodthorn Unit
  • Mystical Arts: Unlocks the Enchantress Unit
  • Nature’s Efficiency: Reduces the upkeep of Druid Units (Bloodthorn/Enchantress) by 25%
  • Lightened Feet: Increases march speed by 25% if the march contains a Bloodthorn or Enchantress
  • Sweeping Strikes: Bloodthorn Unit’s attacks damage two units at once, but health is reduced
  • Quick Reflexes: Bloodthorn Unit gains 25% evasion, but deals less damage 


The Druid Bloodthorn is the first thing unlocked with a Major Blessing.

The Minor Blessings that players will have access to in Ascension will assist the Major Blessings they have chosen while providing additional, faction themed, bonuses.  Minor Blessings will be chosen at Levels 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

Listed below are the Minor Blessings for the Druid Faction:

  • Surrounded by Nature: Increases attack damage by 10% when on, or adjacent to, a Forest Wild
  • More with Less: Reduces resource requirements of Bloodthorns by 10%
  • Eye for Gems: Increases chance to find Aetherstones by 10%
  • Thrifty Spending: Reduces resource requirements of Enchantresses by 10%
  • Splendid Opulence: Increases chance to find Throne Room items by 10%
  • More the Merrier: Unlocks a second revive queue for the Apothecary
  • Quick Learner: Increases the power of Enchantresses
  • Natural Treasures: Increases chance to find Druid Throne Room items by 20%
  • Nature’s Gifts: Increases Lumber production from Lumber Mills and Forests by 25%
  • Pick Me Up: Increases revive speed in Druid Apothecary by 10%
  • Death from afar: Increases Archer training speed by 10%

The City Center

It is no surprise that buildings in Kingdoms of Camelot have varying levels of usefulness to the player.  Some buildings, like the Blacksmith, provide a benefit to the player, like specific research and troop options; but beyond that they just take up space in the city.  With Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension, there are seven buildings that are being merged into the new City Center.  The Workshop, Blacksmith, Stable, Storehouse, Relief Station, Tavern and Guardian will be contained within the City Center.  This building will automatically appear in the City View of an Ascended City and automatically converts all of the buildings it contains to max level (currently level 12).  The only exception to this is the Guardian, which will be unchanged by ascension.  Guardians can be selected, upgraded and unlocked inside the City Center.


The City Center, as seen in the City View.

The Grove

Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension gave the development team the opportunity to try something completely new with the field view of an Ascended City.  It was decided that each faction would get a completely new looking field view that would house their faction specific buildings.  The Druid field view, for example, contains plots where players can either build a Druid Barracks or Druid Apothecary.  Along with these plots, the field view houses the Grove.  The Grove is a new building that will contain an entire City’s resource production, and like the City Center, will automatically appear in a newly Ascended City.


The Grove will allow players to manage their entire City’s resource production.


At release, the Grove will mirror the resource production of the city that was ascended.  For example, if the city being ascended contained 40 Farms before Ascension, then the Grove will continue to exclusively produce Food as a resource.  A future update to this system will allow players to open the Grove and modify which resources they wish to produce.  The Grove will allow for easier customization of a city’s resource production while still giving players the benefits they are accustomed to getting in their field view.


Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension is a massive upcoming expansion for Kabam’s popular free-to-play strategy game Kingdom of Camelot, available soon.  Brian DeSanti is the game’s producer. For more information regarding the lore of these factions and the events that lead up to Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension please visit the official forums.