The free-to-play clubhouse has existed for years now, but its membership list was once pretty brief. It’s grown a lot since then, with well-known games like Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft joining the fray. It looks like Monolith Productions’ Gotham City Impostors is the next entrant in the club, and sources indicate that it will, in fact,  be bringing homemade brownies to share with the other members. We hear they contain almonds — an ingredient MapleStory is deathly allergic to — and we’re doing our best to confirm whether or not this is true. If it is, it could mean turmoil is on the horizon.

No matter how this situation pans out, fans of free games will surely come out on top: Gotham City Impostors is now available on Steam for the low cost of nothing. Well, mostly for nothing. There are several optional weapon and content packs available for purchase, such as the “Professional Impostor Kit” for $15.99, which comes with a wealth of different weapons, costumes, gadgets and more. 

For those unaware, Gotham City Imposters is a first-person multiplayer game that pits wannabe vigilantes against wannabe villains. Reviews were mixed when it released earlier this year, but many publications praised its character customization options. We fancied it quite a bit in our review, and team-based multiplayer fans will likely find a lot to love — especially at the price of free.