The cute, cuddly Norn are coming back in Creatures 4

It’s been a long time since the last time I played the original Creatures, so I was excited to learn that the franchise is being revived with a new game that promises to bring an even greater level of complexity to the world of the Norn.

Creatures 4 will feature four basic species of the lovable little artificial life forms, each with its own unique, “fully complete DNA” that can be combined into a virtually infinite variety of colors, physical and intellectual traits through reproduction, evolution, cross-breeding and of course learning what you teach them. Everything has an influence: Norns are born, live, learn and die, passing on their knowledge and their genes to successive generations.


Unlike previous games in the series, Creatures 4 is set in a three-dimensional world, with a wide range of environments to explore and numerous examples of wildlife called “Critters” that help keep the Norn from getting bored. And while it’s definitely a sandbox game in which players can do whatever they want, there are specific goals to be accomplished, experience and levels to be gained and even unique Facebook badges and other rewards for recreating specific Norn races from the starting species.

Creatures 4 is launching as a free-to-play game, and while the developers say that it’s possible to access all the major features without spending a penny, players who purchase “Golden Eggs” will gain access to things like faster hatching, repairable items and optional, bonus in-game objects. For die-hard Creatures fans, the studio is also releasing a collector’s edition at retail that will include a limited edition figurine, an exclusive genome that lets players start the game with a unique Norn, and “a wallet pre-filled with Golden Eggs.”

Creatures 4

Creatures 4

The game is being released for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, and will be compatible across all devices, meaning you can take your Norns with you when you leave your home-based computer behind. No launch date has been set, but the developers says it’s coming soon – let’s hope it’s worth the wait!