Where’s Waldo? He’s on iOS. Wow, that was easy.

If you’ve owned a Where’s Waldo? book at any point during your childhood, then it was probably destroyed in record time. In a fit of uncharacteristic helpfulness, your sibling or your friend took up a black marker and circled Waldo on every single page. Thankfully, the digital age is giving Waldo back his privacy. Waldo & Friends lets you chase the striped trickster across several levels on iOS, and no marker can contain him.  

Waldo & Friends

Waldo is celebrating his 25th year of mingling, a fact that’s sure to make you feel old if you remember his initial rise to fame. As you might expect, the celebratory Waldo & Friends challenges you to find Waldo amongst sprawling landscapes populated by hundreds of tiny people and wacky objects. It’s a bit like finding meaning in a G-rated Bosch painting.

There are eleven “worlds” to work through in Waldo & Friends, and the classic murals have even received some life via sounds and animation. But what really makes Waldo & Friends special is the game’s new social features. You can challenge your friends to find Waldo first, and/or you can sabotage your rivals’ games. Ha! Who’s wielding the marker now?

Waldo & Friends

Waldo & Friends hits the App Store soon, but you might have to squint really hard to see it, and it might be dressed up like another game to fool you at first glance.