Stressful hazing period not included

Pocket Gems, the developers behind mobile hits like Tap Zoo: Arctic and Tap Dragon Park, is making a rather direct attempt to court the female audience with the upcoming Tap Campus Life. In it, players build a sorority and recruit other members to join them in their digital hijinx. Will you be able to recruit members of the male gender just for the heck of it? Probably not, but a guy can dream.

Tap Campus Life

While much of the game consists of decorating – both your sorority and your character – there’s a little bit of strategy at play as well. There’s a variety of character classes, each with different attributes. The more athletic characters, for example, will level up by exercising or from doing something active.

Characters can also climb the ladder of employment in their specific line of work, a level-up system in and of itself. And as they do their jobs, players will earn in-game currency to spend on clothes and accessories for their sorority house.

The game will feature various quests for players to complete, such as doing yoga or throwing parties. It seems a little unfair that no one pats me on the back when I do either of these things in real life, but I suppose that’s part of what makes games such a great medium.

Tap Campus Life

Tap Campus Life is coming to iOS in the near future. For forthcoming information on its release date (and more), be sure to follow the game here on Gamezebo.