While it’s usually video games we cover here at Gamezebo, I wanted to take a quick break and discuss another subject: Bundles of video games. Like a well-tended vegetable garden, they’ve been cropping up left and right, allotting you the opportunity to pay what you want in exchange for a handful of awesome games. The Getaway Bundle from Indie Royale is the latest one, and while indie games remain the biggest draw, you also have a chance to win a meteorite. Like from space.

Now, before I get into the whole meteorite thing, let’s talk about the games you’ll be getting. The list is as follows:

You’ll also receive soundtracks for Da New Guys, Waves, and Analogue: A Hate Story. If you pitch in $8.00 or more – this rate may very well fluctuate – you’ll also receive Handheld Heroes Volume One, an album bursting at the virtual seams with chiptune-y goodness.

Still wondering about those meteorites? The top 5 contributors to the bundle will receive one, along with a certificate of authenticity. If you don’t quite make the cut, fret not! The top 10 contributors will receive Shattered Horizon t-shirts. That’s a lot of swag!

The promotion ends 6 days from today, and although the top contribution is resting at $42, I have a sneaking suspicion it will be leaping up quite a bit as we go on. Primarily because this is a really solid lineup of games, but also because the meteorite is awesome.