Be the umbrella and soar to crazy heights with PlicPlic

If your umbrella has ever slipped your grasp during a windy rainstorm, then undoubtedly you watched helplessly as the poor thing blew onto the street and met its crushing end under the tires of an 18-wheeler.  PlicPlic for iOS presents a happier fate for stray umbrellas, one that involves them floating like eagles on air currents—until they’re zapped by lightning or ripped apart by birds.

PlicPlic is a vertically-scrolling action game featuring an umbrella that wants to reach the stars (thin atmosphere be darned). You must help PlicPlic the parasol slalom around birds, raindrops, and jabs of lightning as he climbs ever-upwards, past towns and above mountains.

As you climb, you can collect power-ups and coins. There are over 50 objectives to meet, and the game’s cartoony graphics will soothe your soul until the wind tears a hole in it and sends you plummeting to Earth like Lucifer on a bad day.


PlicPlic hits the App Store on August 27, so go on and meet the little umbrellas acquaintance just in time for the stormy fall weather.