Pocket Trucks is a 2D physics racer that pays tribute to the retro classics

Portable games let us put monsters in our pockets, so cramming a truck into the hip pocket of your Levis should be a breeze, right? Go on, give it a try. When your pants inevitably fall off your body in shreds, come on back and test out a more sensible solution: Pocket Trucks, a 2D racing game for iOS.

Pocket Trucks

Pocket Trucks is a physics-based racer that recalls the glory days of classic favorites like Nintendo’s Excite Bike. You race against time and other opponents across multiple tracks that branch out into different routes. Looking for a short cut? You may find what you need if you veer off the beaten path.

It goes without saying that victory won’t come easy. You need to keep an eye out for TNT barrels, spikes, and other traps that will grant you an unwanted pit stop (is there a malevolent racing god that sows random traps onto the tracks for his or her own amusement?)

Pocket Trucks features multiple game modes. You can race, collect items, perform tricks (“Vroom vroom! Arf!”), or serve as a bomb escort. There are eight different vehicles to collect and upgrade, including an ancient catapult. Boss!

Pocket Trucks

Pocket Trucks is coming soon for iOS. Prepare to put your foot to the pedal and the pedal to the metal.