You’ll never look at a nun the same way. Or ever again.

Never have I seen a game more on the nose with the whole dark vs. light thing than Nun Attack. In it, you control a league of nuns tasked with protecting the world from classic enemy archetypes like wolfmen and vampires.  You’d think in such a scenario that the intangible powers of good would be the nuns’ weapon of choice, but instead they opt for a massive arsenal of guns and other such weaponry. Because, you know, video games.

Nun Attack

This war of all wars will take place across 40 different missions, with the lion’s share of them requiring the player to defend themselves and take out waves of enemies. There will also be a handful of boss fights, including a final showdown with the “Fallen Nun.” I’m having trouble picturing what such a character would look like, but I’m assuming she’ll be equal parts humorous and creepy.

And since nuns are known for their constant possession of firearms, Nun Attack will feature over 80 different guns for the player to choose from, many of which possess unique effects – the ability to stun, slow down, or knock the enemy back, to name but a few.

Nun Attack

Nun Attack is hitting virtual shelves on September 27, bringing with it a set of 50 achievements for players to unlock, as well as a rare chance to watch unassuming nuns mow down leagues of angered enemies. If that sounds like an exciting prospect to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that the game will only cost $0.99.