Druid, Fey and Briton: these are the factions in Kingdoms of Camelot.  Up until now, players have known very little about these factions. As mentioned in last week’s developer diary, Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension will heavily focus on each of the three factions. Aligning an Ascended City with a faction will shape how that city grows and what benefits the player will receive.  This choice is on a per city basis, allowing players to eventually have cities of each faction.  Players will be able to choose which of their eight cities become Druid, Briton or Fey to further enhance how they wish to play Kingdoms of Camelot.



Keepers of balance, the Druids have been policing the realm for centuries unbeknownst to either the Fey or Britons.  As patches of dark forest began to appear across Camelot, they quickly mobilized forces in preparation for any threat that might cross through the dark portals. In an effort to protect life as they know it, the Druid faction has opened their doors to those willing to learn their ancient ways.

Most at home deep in the forest, the Druids use the surplus of resources available to them to construct grandiose cities without disrupting their surrounding environment. Wooden structures nestled among the treetops and massive rune stones implanted in the dirt are a common sight in Druid cities. It is in these cities, in the heart of the forest, that Druids can best channel their ancient healing magic, working to preserve the realm against the encroaching darkness.


The Druid faction will be the first faction that players will be able to align with in Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension.  We wanted the choices and bonuses available to the Druid faction to really embody their oneness with nature.  For example, players that align an Ascended City with the Druid faction will gain access to healing powers far above that of a normal Apothecary.  Although their strength lies in healing magic, the Druids are still formidable warriors.  This will be evident when players gain access to the Bloodthorn, the first new unit that has ever been released in Kingdoms of Camelot




Power at any cost; this is what it means to be Fey. Twisted by Camelot’s dark portals, the Fey have willingly sacrificed their humanity in the search for greatness. With the portals’ dark magic fueling their endeavors, the Fey tread to despicable ends to garner a vast militaristic society. Vowing to crush any that dare get in their way, the Fey relentlessly seek only one thing: more power.


With fortresses standing tall among the frozen mountaintops, the maze-like cities of the Fey are seemingly impenetrable and impossible to escape. In fact, many barbarian sieges against Fey cities have only led to the brutal massacre of attackers that have gotten lost in the labyrinth of their twisted structures. Hardened by the harsh cold, decrepit wastelands they call home, the Fey have grown into the war machine they are today and revel in the power they have obtained.


Anything for unlimited power, this sentiment holds true with Fey Ascended Cities.  Players that align with the Fey will be given access to some of the most powerful bonuses in Kingdoms of Camelot. These bonuses, however, come at a cost, and players will need to balance how much they are willing to sacrifice if they truly wish to become Fey.



Characterized by the elaborate detail of their dress and architecture, the Britons are a faction unrivaled in the pursuits of technology and development. Backed by generations of research and advancement, they have thrived because of their ability to simply, advance. With a military prowess defined by their meticulous craftsmanship, they are able to generate cutting edge weaponry, armor and siege machines.

Briton cities are the pinnacle of order. Erected out solid stone and assembled piece by piece systematically, in a manner unseen in any other faction. The Britons have all but perfected their pursuits in research and development, a simple glance at their architecture only serves to reinforce this belief.  Through the ages the Britons have crafted a brilliant society, focused on a system of constant perfection that only improves through their technical endeavors. There is no denying this faction’s impact on Camelot’s growth and growth to come.


Players should be most familiar with the Britons, as they have been a part of the Briton faction since the launch of Kingdoms of Camelot. Our team wanted to push the limits of what it meant to be a human in Camelot. A tribute to their spirit, the Britons have forged a society focused on technology. In comparison to the Druids and Fey, the Britons in Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension will have a familiar feel but will also be explored more in depth, providing some new and exciting content for players.

Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension is a massive upcoming expansion for Kabam’s popular free-to-play strategy game Kingdom of Camelot, available soon.  Brian DeSanti is the game’s producer. For more information regarding the lore of these factions and the events that lead up to Kingdoms of Camelot: Ascension please visit the official forums.