Your nightmares will be in 2D

It’s a great time to be a horror fan. The genre is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts, with interesting (and frightening) games cropping up left and right. Much of this can be attributed to the autonomy developers possess in the mobile and PC arenas, and the upcoming Grimind for PC, Mac and Linux is the perfect illustration of this. Developed by just one person, it’s the type of game that could only be made without publishers or investors breathing down a creator’s neck.

With a hyper-specific genre like “horror-platformer” attached, comparisons to Limbo are all but inevitable. There’s a slight correlation — both feature puzzles, and both aspire to frighten the player — but Grimind‘s colorful aesthetic gives it a very different look, and it’s a little more direct in its attempts to scare you. This is immediately apparent in the game’s trailer, which features a bounty of eerie audio snippets and sounds. As someone who feels audio is one of if not the most powerful tools a horror game has in its arsenal, this has me especially anxious to get my hands on the full game.
No part of Grimind is grounded in reality. The protagonist looks not unlike the horrifying lovechild of LittleBigPlanet‘s Sackboy and a Goron from The Legend of Zelda, and the world itself is equal parts drab and unsettling. True of nearly any horror game, it doesn’t seem like the kind of place you’ want to plunge into in real life. Unless, of course, your affinity for horror-tinted puzzles transcends the video game medium. To each their own, I suppose.

GrimindA release date hasn’t been revealed yet, but the sole developer, Pawel Magila, is shooting for the end of this year. That’s a little far off, certainly, but all good things take time. And if it sounds like your kind of game, I recommend following it here on Gamezebo for future info — including a solid release date.