Tangible proof that gravity is kind of important

Without gravity, we’d have to drastically change the way we live, lest we all float away into the coldness of infinity. And yet, we kind of take it for granted. It’s a shame no matter how you slice it, but I have high hopes that the upcoming Grabbity for iOS will help us change our ways. Or I guess I should say low hopes, because gravity is what keeps us low. Yeah.

In Grabbity, the laws of gravity are fundamentally broken. This results in the game’s protagonists – known as Grabbians – having to maintain their balance as they fall through a variety of 2D platformer levels. On the player’s end, this means tilting the iDevice to keep Grabbians away from spikes, enemies and other such hazards, as well as tapping to jump when gaps or obstacles are in the way. Kind of makes you appreciate the natural phenomenon that is gravity, doesn’t it? You could even say the whole ordeal adds a certain element of gravitas to the situation.


The game’s first 20 levels will be available free of charge, with the remaining 60 divvied up into two packs of 30 at $0.99 each. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of content for the low cost of nothing which – appropriately – is also how much gravity costs. If that doesn’t make you feel guilty, then clearly I’m not doing my job.


Arriving September 6, Grabbity is sure to make you the weird person on the bus who keeps tilting their device and quietly cursing whenever a Grabbian collides with a set of spikes. And at the end of the day, isn’t confusing random people in public what mobile games are all about?