Babel Rising: Cataclysm might not be canon, but it looks like fun

As a citizen of a genteel and oh-so-liberal New England state, I don’t get nearly enough fire and brimstone.  I had a taste of it during religion class in middle school — Catholic middle school, mind you — but even then we didn’t dwell too much on the dramatic events of the Old Testament.  It looks like I’ll soon be able to brush up God’s wrath, though.  Babel Rising: Cataclysm puts you in the shoes of the big man upstairs, and he’s pissed.

You see, uppity humans have decided to build a building, a very tall one — so tall you could call it a tower, in fact.  And with this tower they aim to reach the heavens.  Unfortunately for them, the heavens are your turf.  These humans need a reminder.  Time to teach them a lesson.

 Babel Rising: Cataclysm     Babel Rising: Cataclysm

Babel Rising: Cataclysm is a sequel to Babel Rising, both examples of a genre I have never heard of before.  Developer Mando Studios calls them “Tower Destroy” games — an apt description, as the goal of both is to destroy a tower.

In Babel Rising: Cataclysm, you have a wide variety of destructive forces available with which to smite your misguided creations.  To steer them back towards the path of the righteous, you can heave giant boulders, dispatch swarms of locusts, whip up tornados, etc.  A total of 12 upgradeable powers will teach those damned Babylonians not to build tall things anymore.

The game will feature four different settings, a 40 level story mode, and a survival mode — plenty to keep you busy.  Babel Rising: Cataclysm will be a free universal app.  Expect it in September.  And remember to say your prayers.