Warhammer quests on mobile devices for the first time

If you’re into fantasy, it’s nearly guaranteed that you’ve run into the Warhammer universe at some point or another. The highly-regarded fantasy setting  has permeated through tabletop and electronics games of several forms as far back as the 1980s. But along those years, there’s one place Warhammer has yet to extend its reach: mobile devices. Until now.

Warhammer Quest, a new iOS adventure from Rodeo games, is hoping to take the fantasy land gamers know and love and transform it onto a device that most gamers own. By employing their Hunters 2 engine, Rodeo hopes to focus all of its efforts into recreating what made the original Warhammer Quest such a great tabletop game.


Players will set forth for adventure across the Warhammer World, in search for all the power and riches they can obtain. Players can explore in up to a party of four, battling evil creatures, traversing ancient lands, and exploring hidden tunnels in order to emerge wealthy and victorious.

“The guys at Rodeo are not only extremely talented developers with a great track record of successful iOS games in their Hunters franchise, but are also huge Warhammer fans,’ said Jon Gillard, Games Workshop’s Head of Licensing. ‘This powerful combination is creating a fantastic translation of this beloved game, as well as making it thoroughly enjoyable working with them.”

Fantasy veterans looking to extend their adventures into the palms of their hands will have to wait until next year for a release, but what great quest isn’t worth waiting for? We can’t wait to see what Rodeo Games does with the franchise.