Mobile Command: Crisis in Europe

Kabam hasn’t been in the mobile space for long, but that hasn’t stopped them from covering a whole lot of ground. Their first game, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North recently crossed the 1 million downloads threshold, and the company is on the cusp of rolling out two new titles with a similar emphasis on strategic gameplay. Seeing as how we’ve already covered one of them – Arcane Empires – we thought it best to move on to Mobile Command: Crisis in Europe. Filled with logic, we are.

Mobile Command: Crisis in Europe is a game about domination, and progression requires a healthy mix of both winning battles and forging diplomatic alliances with other players. If you throw diplomacy to the wayside and go around challenging everyone, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t make it far. Instead, it’s in your best interest to form a plan, locate a few like-minded partners, and think all of your actions through. Thankfully, an in-game chat client makes it possible to coordinate with other players in real-time.

                      Mobile Command: Crisis in EuropeMobile Command: Crisis in Europe

Before heading into battle, players will have to train an army of snipers, tanks, bombers, and other classes. It’s a lot of responsibility, but no one ever said virtual war was a walk in the park. Or at least I’m assuming that no one has ever said that. How about this: If anyone has ever said that, they’re wrong.

Like Arcane Empires, Mobile Command: Crisis in Europe is currently available in Canada. We’ll likely be seeing a worldwide release in the near future, but be sure to follow the game here on Gamezebo for future information such as the specific release date.