Game Introduction: Lost Legacies

Lost Legacies the hidden object game developed by Smeet Communications takes you on a journey through beautiful and exotic countries as you – a world renowned treasure hunter solve the mystery of the stone artifact with your assistant Zack and many other colorful characters.  Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
Lost Legacies can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.

  • Brief tutorial – There is a brief introductory tutorial seen only when you start the game the first time. It will help guide you through a basic hidden object scene, show you how to earn seals, locate quests for rewards, spend currency on needed objects, and unlock new hidden object scenes. This guide will get you started by giving you a more detailed look at the game and will help you earn higher overall scores.

Lost Legacies

Message Center

  • Messages – If you have any messages from other players such as invitations or gifts you will see this screen (see image above) when you load the game or you can access it anytime at the top right of the game screen under “Messages”. You can accept the gifts from other players which go directly into your inventory until you are ready to use them and/or you may choose to immediately return the favor to the other player right from the inbox menu by clicking on “Help Out” which immediately sends them the energy or items they are requesting from you.

Lost Legacies

Game Controls

Game setting controls -To access the game settings menu click on the gear icon at the top right of the game screen and a menu will pull down from the top. Here you can control the volume of sound effects and background music, change the image quality and zoom in or out of a scene.

  • Full screen feature – To the left of the gear icon for settings you will find the full screen icon. (Two arrows in a square pattern) It is much easier to play the game in full screen mode and is highly recommended for the hidden object scenes. You can hit the “Esc” key anytime to exit this mode.

Lost Legacies
Game Currency

  • Gold Bars -This is the basic game currency used to unlock hidden object scenes and purchase required items to complete quests. The currency indicator for your gold bars is at the top left of the game screen. You will start the game with around two thousand gold bars once you complete the tutorial and each time you play a hidden object scene you will earn more gold bars which will later be used to purchase items needed to unlock more scenes.
  • Diamonds – This is the premium virtual currency that allows you to purchase privileges in the game such as purchase hints, extra energy, and unlock special hidden object scenes not needed to win the game but that will earn you more gold bars and chances at earning seals and required items in a level.
  • Purchasing additional currency – You have the ability to purchase additional diamonds by clicking on the “+” symbol to the right of it which brings up the purchase menu. You will use real currency to purchase diamonds and there are several methods available for you to do so. You do not have to purchase premium currency to complete the game but doing so will help you speed through the levels and unlock special hidden object scenes others won’t have access to.
  • Prices range from $1.90 USD to $99.99 and the more you purchase the better rate you will receive per diamond.

Lost Legacies

All about Energy

  • Energy – Energy is critical to the game as you must use fifteen energy points each time you play a hidden object scene no matter what level you are in the game.
  • Your energy indicator is located along the top of the screen and is shown with the lightning bolt icon. The maximum amount of energy you can hold in your meter is sixty unless you purchase an energy boost from the game shop.
  • How to get more energy – There are a few ways to get more energy once you run out if you wish to continue playing.
  • Ask friends to send you more – Click on the “+” symbol then on the “Ask friends for energy” button along the bottom of the menu. You will be allowed to ask fifty people every twenty four hours. Note – Use the pull down menu at the top right and you can choose to send to those already playing the game on your friend list. Once you send the invitation this will place a request in their inbox they will need to respond to.
  • Friends can send you five energy points each once every twenty four hours and this will be found in the “Messages” area of your screen when you log into the game. You will need to accept the energy and it will be placed in your inventory. Click on the inventory icon and then click on “Add” to redeem it in order to have it added to your overall total.

Lost Legacies

  • Purchase more energy – You can click on the “+” symbol and purchase energy starting at a rate of 1200 gold bars for five energy points or two to five diamonds for a ten to sixty point refill. Be sure you read about “Energy boosts” before you make any purchases of energy.
  • Let it accumulate over time – Energy regenerates at a rate of one point every three minutes. You wait at least 45 minutes for enough energy to regenerate to play one more turn.
  • Level up – Watch your EP near the blue star meter as when this meter fills up you will move to the next level. This means an automatic refill of sixty energy points each time you reach a new level in the game. (Level not chapter)
  • Energy boosts – In addition to purchasing additional energy for diamonds or gold bars you have the option to either purchase a 100 percent energy refill for five diamonds or you can purchase an energy boost which will increase the maximum amount of energy you can hold by five, ten, or fifteen points but this is for one time only and is very expensive. It costs 86 diamonds to increase your overall energy maximum to by fifteen once which is equivalent to one extra turn one time.
  • Note – Be sure to check the game shop for energy costs and read carefully as some are only one use and not permanent game changes as well as you may have to wait to reach certain levels before you can unlock these features for purchase.

Lost Legacies

  • Note – The game has a really nice feature where you can click on the energy meter when you are out of energy and it will tell you exactly how many minutes will need to pass before you can play a turn again. (How many minutes until you have fifteen energy points or a full meter.)

Lost Legacies

EP (Experience Points)

  • Experience points or (EP) are points earned as you play hidden object scenes and the faster you play the more points you earn which unlocks more seals for you.  These points accumulate and help you to level up in the game as well. Look for the blue star at the top right of the game screen and you will see your current level. As the blue meter fills up with points from completing hidden object scenes you reach the next level and will be rewarded with gold bars and EP stars.
  • Your energy meter will be instantly refilled to maximum capacity of sixty each time you level up in the game.

Lost Legacies

Hidden object scenes

  • Playing unlocked hidden object scenes – Once you unlock (or choose to replay) a hidden object scene click on the green play arrow buttons which are either on the map or on the quest menu and you will be taken directly to the hidden object scene. Objective – Your objective is to locate all of the hidden objects listed along the bottom of the screen as fast as possible.
  • The faster you find items in succession without making a mistake the higher your overall score and reward.
  • If you click on an incorrect object you will hear a tone and your chaining bonus will end instantly. If you click all over the screen quickly the game will lock you out for a few seconds which will lower your score.
  • Each time you complete a scene you will earn a gold bar and EP reward as well as based on how many points you have earned you will unlock a small portion of a seal.

Lost Legacies

Using Hints

  • Once in a hidden object scene if you get stuck you can use hints. There are currently two types of hints available for use and they each have different uses and requirements. (There may be more hints available once you hit level twenty or higher in the game.)

Lost Legacies

  • Hints are found at the lower right corner of the game screen. Click on a hint icon to instantly use it.
  • Unlimited hint – “Neuron Glasses” – This hint is available right away and when you click on it one item in your list will be randomly chosen and you will see stars surrounding it for a few brief seconds. This hint is unlimited but you must wait for it to recharge between uses. The hint button will turn red while it is recharging and unavailable for use. When the image restores you may click on it again. Note that using any hints will break your chaining bonus and lower your skills bonus considerably.
  • Gifted hint – “Pam’s Magic Spell” – This hint can only be in your inventory if a neighbor gifts it to you. You will see a number in green showing how many you have. Once you use it then it is gone forever. This hint will show you two hidden items that are on your list below. You will see stars circle one item then immediately circle another. This hint is very fast so be sure you are watching closely when you use it.
  • Note – There are also variations to these hints that can be purchased in the game store Sometimes you can add a few seconds on to “Pam’s Magic Spell” and it will find a third item for you. Be sure to check the game store to see if you want to spend diamonds on these variations.

Lost Legacies

Red Seals

  • The red wax seals are very important to your game. Each chapter has a maximum number of seals you can earn which is all the scenes seals added together and it shown in the upper right corner of the game screen.
  • Along the bottom of each hidden object scene you will see a small number of empty circles which is where the seals go once you earn them. Each scene has a maximum number of seals you can earn for it as well. The minimum number of seals per scene is three and most have four and if you purchase the golden scenes they can have at least five or more.
  • The points you earn during the completion of a hidden object scene is what determines how much of a seal you earn. You will likely have to play scenes many times before you can earn all the required seals.
  • Most seals are part of a quest requirement and you will need them in order to unlock the cloud scenes on each chapter. Be sure to place your cursor over any scene to see its unlock requirements.

Lost Legacies

  • Each time you earn one entire seal you will be awarded with either gold, EP, or special items needed to unlock future locations.

Lost Legacies

Game scoring/Summary screen

  • As you click on the twelve items you must find you will notice you get credit for every item you find in a row without any mistakes. If you take too long to find an item you will see this number (skill bonus, combo bonus) start to go down. You want to keep moving as fast as possible to keep this number as high as possible for a times twelve chaining bonus.
  • You are scored on the following categories;
  • Base points
  • Combo bonus
  • Time bonus
  • Skills bonus
  • These are all averaged for your total score shown at the end with a summary screen.
  • Summary screen – Once you have completed a hidden object scene you will be taken to a screen that shows your ranking among other Lost Legacies players on the same scene.
  • You will also be awarded with gold bars, EP stars, and if you have earned a complete seal a reward for that as well which can be gold bars, EP stars, or items needed to unlock locations or complete quests that support the storyline.

Lost Legacies

Chapter Maps/Finding Hidden object scenes

  • There are currently six levels in the game each representing a different location and each with at least four hidden object scenes you will be able to unlock when you earn the required number of seals and specific items are purchased from the game store to unlock certain scenes.
  • Diamond Scene – Each level has a diamond scene which is shown circled in gold and this can only be purchased with premium currency diamonds. It is not necessary to purchase this hidden object scene to win the game. This is an option that costs real money but will help you level up faster and earn more gold coins and seals for playing it.
  • Note – Every hidden object scene offers you the chance to skip all requirements and allows you to purchase an unlock with diamonds. (Place cursor over location to see cost) This is very expensive but if you want to do it you will level up very fast. Note that the diamond scene must be purchased with diamonds to unlock. All others this is your option.

Lost Legacies

  • Cloud Scene – Each game chapter also has a cloud level which you will see because it has a dark cloud over it while it it locked. You can unlock this level by earning a certain number of seals and completing the requirements listed when you place your cursor over the area. This is usually that you add a certain number of new friends to your game in addition to collecting a large number of seals.
  • Place your cursor over any hidden object scene circle to see what it is or what you need to unlock it.
  • Note – It is very likely more chapters will be added to the game in future updates. Be sure to check for additions.
  • There is a chapter indicator at the top center of the game screen. You can move to any chapter any play any hidden object scenes that you have unlocked at any time as long as you have the energy to spend to do so.
  • Green arrow – This means the level is unlocked and you can play.
  • Padlock – This level is not yet unlocked. Place your cursor over it to see requirements.
  • Glowing location- If you see a scene that is locked but glowing effect means you have unlocked the quest but still have ongoing items to collect in order to unlock the scene.
  • Gold scene – This can only be unlocked if you purchase the privilege with diamonds. Click on the gold icon to see what you need to unlock it. These offer a large number of seals you can earn compared to normal scenes.
  • Green checkmark – This means you have earned all available seals for this level as well as mastered the scene in it.

Lost Legacies


  • Quests – Icons are located along the left side of the game screen. Click on an icon to read a quest
  • Quests guide your game progress and it is wise to follow the quests in the game. Some have only one requirement and some have multiple tasks you must complete to finish them.
  • Green play arrows – Whenever you see a green play arrow next to a quest this means the hidden object scene is unlocked and you can go to it directly from the quest menu by clicking on the green arrow versus going all the way back into the game map and finding it. This is a very handy way to play the game and helps you stay on track for your quest requirements.
  • All quests have a reward at the end of gold bars and EP as well as showing your rank among your friends also playing the game. You can share rewards with your neighbors from this menu if you choose. If you do not wish to notify a friend when you pass their score uncheck the box next to their name then hit “Skip”
  • You will be notified once you complete a quest and you have the option to share this reward with your neighbors if you wish by clicking on the link provided. This will place a link on your Facebook page.

Special items

  • If you are required to have an item to unlock a location or complete a quest there are a couple of ways you will need to do this.
  • Locate the items in a hidden object scene – This will be quest guided. Once you locate these items they will be found in your inventory.
  • Purchase the items in the game shop – These items are for sale and purchased with gold bars in the game shop.

Lost Legacies

Game store

  • How to access game store – Click on the open treasure chest icon at the bottom right of the game screen to bring up the game store menu. Note there are tabs along the top where you can choose a category.
  • You may purchase energy here, diamonds, and special items needed to unlock hidden object scenes in the game.

Lost Legacies


  • You can access your inventory by clicking on the brown bag icon just under the store.
  • Here you will see all special items you have purchased or found waiting until you are ready to use them. Also, any gifts sent to you such as energy or hints are waiting for you here and you must redeem them one at a time to use them.

Lost Legacies

Inviting and Visiting Neighbors

  • Your neighbors are shown along the bottom of the game screen in the neighbor menu.
  • Inviting neighbors – Click on the invite button and send an invitation to another player. They must accept the invitation before they will appear on your neighbor list. You must also accept neighbor requests from your inbox daily to appear on another player’s neighbor list.
  • Visiting Neighbors – At this time there is no way to visit your neighbors in the game for reward. This may change in future game updates. At this time clicking on your neighbor only allows you to send them a gift or invite them to play the game.

Lost Legacies

Sending Daily Free Gifts

  • You may send your neighbors one free gift once every twenty four hours.
  • Click on the “Send free gifts” button along the top or bottom of game screen.
  • The higher your game level the more gifts that are available to send to your neighbors and it is a great idea to send out gifts daily as many will return the favor helping you out in your game.
  • Be sure to send items that you need as that is usually what neighbors will send back to you.
  • It is best to send energy at first as this is very helpful.

Game Tips

  • Be sure to check your game quests frequently as this will guide you through the game in a logical manner, teach you how to play, and help you level up faster.
  • Neighbors are the most valuable asset you can have in this game. The more neighbors the more free gifts you will have in your inventory and this can help you level up much faster.
  • Send out free gifts daily and if you really need an item be sure that is what you gift to others as they tend to send back what you gift to them. (Energy is a valuable gift)
  • While playing your hidden object scenes move as fast as you can without a mistake. Once you make a mistake the chaining bonus starts again.
  • Try not to use your hint button unless absolutely necessary if you want a high score. Its use will always stop your chaining bonus.
  • You can purchase special hint extensions with diamonds such as adding a few seconds on to “Pam’s magic spell” which will cause more than two items to be identified when hints are used.
  • If you purchase energy boosts please note they are one use only.
  • Before you make any purchases with real currency be sure to check your inventory for gifts first. You will have to redeem energy one point at a time from your inventory.


You have completed the basic quick start guide for Lost Legacies by Smeet Communications. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo