A dwarf walks into a dungeon…

There’s something about navigating complex dungeons that gamers far and wide can’t seem to get enough of. Perhaps it’s the constant curiosity of what lies in the rooms ahead, or maybe it’s the potential of picking up some sweet loot. While I could probably write an entire essay on the subject, I’d rather discuss Dwarf Quest, a dungeon crawler with a focus on retro and a main character named Morrin Firebeard. I can’t decide which of these two things is more exciting.

Dwarf Quest‘s commitment to old school dungeon crawling is pretty impressive. The battles are turn-based, movement is done via grid system, and the dungeons themselves have a similar appearance to those of older games. All in all, it looks like a dungeon fanatics paradise, replete with treasure chests, bosses, and an emphasis on exploration.

The game will also feature collectible Battle Cards, which can be used to buff up Firebeard’s stats. I’m surprised a character with a last name of that caliber doesn’t already have immaculate stats, but I suppose no one is perfect.

Dwarf Quest

Hitting the App Store on August 24, Dwarf Quest is shaping up to be a juicy love letter to fans of classic dungeon crawlers. If you happen to fit that bill – or just want a chance to check the genre out – it looks like you’re in for a treat.