The most secretive of empires

Despite already proving themselves capable of putting out a solid city-building sim in the mobile space, it appears Kabam still feels they have more to say in the genre. Introducing Arcane Empires, a game that invites players to simultaneously build a massive empire and fend off the evil Prince Dessen.

Part social game, players will have the chance to play online against other players, as well as forge alliances and develop strategies via real-time chat. Before all of that, though, they’ll need to construct a thriving empire and an army to defend it.

Training members of your army will be an important part of the process, as will be rounding the group out with classes like shock troops, mechagriffs and dreadnoughts. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also need to appoint captains to lead your troops. It’s a very involved process, but that’s precisely what makes it sound so interesting.

In Arcane Empires, expansion is the name of the game. Isles situated around your city are ripe for the conquering, and building up a powerful army is paramount to your success in this endeavor. To put it another way, you probably shouldn’t create an army filled with nothing but mechagriffs and call it a day. I wouldn’t blame you if you did, though — mechagriff is a pretty awesome-sounding creature.

Arcane Empires

Arcane Empires is currently available in Canada, which is a common location for companies to release their games before shipping worldwide. With that in mind, there’s a good chance we’ll all have access to it in the near future.