The creator of Choose Your Own Adventure is about to see his work on the iPhone

Here at Gamezebo, we’ve made no secret of our love for gamebooks.  Whether it’s the recent releases by Tin Man Games or something more akin to a visual novel like Cinders, we love a good story that we can play with.  Looking back on a more personal note, I think my own love affair with gamebooks probably started in the same place yours did; reading the Choose Your Own Adventure series as a child.

And while the developers would be quick to point out that Underground Kingdom isn’t in any way connected to the current incarnation of the franchise, that doesn’t make it any less a part of COYA’s heritage. 

Underground Kingdom

“When this project started, our idea was to use the original stories, so we got in touch with Edward Packard, the creator of the concept for the series and author of the first Choose Your Own Adventure book,” reads the official Kickstarter page for Underground Kingdom.  “He offered to make some of his favorite books available to us and help us turn them into apps.”  

Originally released in 1983 as the 18th book in the series, Underground Kingdom is being adapted by the team at Visual Baker for the iPhone and iPad – and judging from the art that’s been released, this interactive adaptation looks absolutely stunning.

Underground KingdomUnderground Kingdom

Players can expect more than 50 animated illustrations, 21 different endings, and even an interactive map to track their progress.  Even better though, is the fact that this looks to be only the first of many collaborations between Visual Baker and Edward Packer.  “After we finish this app, our idea is to adapt more books from the original series. We will continue with Hyperspace, Invaders from Within, Survival at Sea and Dinosaur Island.”

Excited to give Underground Kingdom a read?  You won’t have to wait too long.  Visual Baker are hoping to ship this one to the App Store this November.