Try and sell a Murder House with Eerie Estate Agent, an interactive novel

It’s one thing to read a novel featuring a protagonist that suffers a dire fate. It’s another thing entirely to push said protagonist down the stairs yourself. Choice of Games is a company that develops interactive fictions that put you in control of the action, and its latest offering across multiple platforms, Eerie Estate Agent, puts you in charge of selling a haunted house.

We’ve all done desperate things to keep our jobs in this crummy economic climate. In Eerie Estate Agent, you need to unload a haunted house on some unsuspecting buyers before your shriveled-up boss fires you. Your adventures in screwing over the buyer can go multiple ways thanks to myriad options. For instance, if your tenants ask to break their lease because ghosts keep partying in their room, you can break the lease, insist they stay, or investigate the house yourself and probably get eaten by a grue.

Eerie Estate Agent

There are other problems to deal with, including squatters, ghost-hunters, and undesirables that will bring you unwanted attention—or even wanted attention, depending on how you play the game.

 Eerie Estate Agent is coming soon to iOS, Android, the Chrome Web Store, Windows, OS X, and Linux. REDRUM.