Rescue and raise Moshlings Moshi Monsters Village

If you are responsible for the care and feeding of at least one kid, then you’re probably familiar with the world of Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters is a popular PC-based virtual world that lets kids adopt and play with cuddly virtual beasts. When you come down to it, though, you can’t really cage a monster (no matter how fluffy they might be), which explains why the property is going mobile with Moshi Monsters Village, coming to iOS this Fall.

Even monsters need a roof over their heads, and that’s why Moshi Monsters Village tasks you with building your very own monster town in the succulent-sounding Pawberry fields. The town you build actually houses “Moshlings,” which are the big-eyed pets that belong to the Moshi Monsters themselves. Monsters need cuddly friends, too.

Moshi Monsters Village

Moshi Monsters Village

Aside from asking you to put up buildings, trees, houses, and parks, Moshi Monsters Village also lets you play mini-games wherein you must rescue Moshlings from the villainous Dr. Strangelove.

Moshi Monsters developer Mind Candy has partnered up with GREE for the development and release of Moshi Monsters Village, so expect the game to be a big deal when it launches this Fall. A big, cuddly, adorable (and slightly ferocious) deal.