How many will you fell before you fall?

Swords are way cool.  There’s no use denying it.  Sword fights even more so.  Pretty much the only sport I cared to watch during the London Olympics was fencing.  Little known fact: once upon a time I fenced.  There’s something almost supernatural about that feeling you get, standing before another person with a piece of steel in your hands, knowing that’s the only thing between you and your opponent — knowing that they too have their own piece of steel, and it will hurt like hell if they hit you with it.  It’s an awesome thing.

But then there’s the sort of sword fights you see in movies like “300.”  Killing blow after killing blow — this is a bit different than fencing.  Yet still way badass.


I say “300” because that’s what came to mind the moment I sawInfinite Warrior’s trailer.  Imagine a game where every gesture you make on the screen is translated into one of those killing blows that are so spectacularly choreographed in “300.”  Sounds pretty cool, right?

Infinite Warrior is a mix of Temple Run and Infinity Blade.  Doesn’t sound like the most obvious of genre blend, does it?  I have a feeling it will work though.  Infinite Warrior brings a battlefield to life by way of an endless stream of foes – forcing you to kill as many as you can before they kill you.  You dispatch these enemies with gesture-based combat.  It’s a simple recipe, but the end product might end up very tasty indeed.

Infinite Warrior

Infinite Warrior will have four different battlefields to choose from at launch, each with an alternate night version.  Other locations become unlocked later.  There will also be customization options — new weapons and armor that appear on your character and buff your stats as well.  Like most apps these days, Infinite Warrior will feature an in-game store that allows you to spend real life money for in-game swag.

Infinite Warrior is coming soon to iOS and Android.  Sharpen your sword.