Build a new town with your fellow creature in Harvest Lands

Too often, creature capture games are all about the odd exploitation of your pets. They beat the snot out of each other to make you a couple bucks. They sit caged in exhibits to generate cash. But how often do you see those adorable little critters doing the same job the humans can – working together with their masters to create something fun?

In Harvest Lands, the adorable little Nummies are all about working together to create a better town for everyone. You’ll gather one of thousands of different combinations of little critters as you collect several new resources, build fantastic additions to the town, and attempt to complete over 100 different achievements.

One thing particularly interesting about Harvest Lands is its unique visual style. Characters are rendered in a crisp cell-shaded style that sticks out from backgrounds like a pop-up book. Gameplay is also managed entirely through horizontal gameplay – an interesting deviation from the usual isometric viewpoint. 
Harvest Lands

Harvest Lands

The other mechanic that Harvest Lands hopes to change in the traditional farming genre is rewarding active gameplay. Many games that fall in this category traditionally consist of activities that can be started, ignored for half a day, and then completed well down the line. Harvest Lands hopes to provide engaging gameplay that keeps users building for as long as they’d like.

Harvest Lands is already out on the iOS App Store in Canada, and you can expect to join the harvest season yourself very soon.