An epic new endless runner to conquer

Ever find yourself playing through the Imangi mobile phenomenon Temple Run, only to find yourself feeling a little powerless? Life as an Indiana Jones clone probably starts to get depressing: you never escape with the treasure, you’re entirely powerless to everything around you, and you’re destined for failure. In Simutronics’ One Epic Knight, you might meet your end with every run, but at least you’ll take down a hoard of monsters with you every time.

One Epic Knight takes the traditional 3D runner formula that Temple Run established, and adds the element of haphazard destruction. You play the titular Epic Knight, the over-the-top hero who’s all about destruction and gold. Unique to the genre, you can pick up a variety of weapons and use them to tear the entire dungeon apart. With destructible environments, nothing is safe from your wrath.


Destroying orcs and the like awards you with piles of gold, allowing you to participate in the usual upgrading of the gear ceremony after every couple runs. By smashing specific enemies and walls, you can even uncover secret loot rooms – adding an unprecedented exploration element to the genre.

And while One Epic Knight might be all about grabbing as much gold as you can off of dungeons and corpses – you won’t have to shell out a single coin to start your adventure: it’s set for an iOS release of August 23rd at the low price of free. Do you think you’re epic?