Breed monsters, give them a home, and then sing along with them in My Singing Monsters

You’ve played monster breeding games before. You’ve watched your beasties grow, fight, and even mate (yes, you were watching the whole process—don’t deny it). You’ve seen it all—but you haven’t heard it all. Enter My Singing Monsters, an upcoming iOS and Android game from Big Blue Bubble that lets you breed monsters with musical abilities. Instead of just eating and churning out coins, the creatures in this world-building game serenade you as you take care of them.


In My Singing Monsters, you run a monster park and work to fill it with singing, dancing tenants. Every monster island has its own song, and each of the 30+ monsters that you can collect and/or breed boasts its very own song. You can listen to them thrum, warble, and play their own instruments as you build up the park around them. Not a bad deal; even Pokemon can’t offer you anything more than a mangled chiptune scream most of the time.

 My Singing Monsters

The monsters in My Singing Monsters are a unique bunch. Some bear fur, and others are covered in leaves. Each beast has considerable musical talent, however. Are you ready to rock out with the T-Rox?

My Singing Monsters hits iOS and Android at the end of August. Just in time to sing a lament for the end of summer.