We here at Gamezebo are especially excited about this installment of Kickstarter Picks. And if you’ve played Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game – arguably one of the greatest licensed games ever – you should be, too. The team behind the game has decided to reunite and create a 2D action game called Mercenary Kings, but they’re going to need our help.

Mercenary Kings tells the story of King, “the most skilled mercenary on Earth.” He’s been tasked with traveling to an island in the Central American Pacific Coast to take out an organization bent on destroying the Earth. And as it turns out, that same organization also killed his former comrades. It’s a tangled problem, but the solution is clear: Fire lots and lots of guns.


It may be taking a page or two from the book of retro, but Mercenary Kings will still have a few modern elements to it. First and foremost, you’ll be able to loot enemies and craft an absurd variety of weapons. The trailer shows King swooping up items like “fabric” and “polymer”, and I for one am anxious to see how on Earth these things can be implemented into a weapon. I’ve no doubt it will be amazing.

The game will also feature a metric ton of missions, and it’s my assumption that several of these will revolve around you shooting and stabbing people. It’s just a theory, but I’m pretty confident in it.


Interestingly enough, the amount of weapons and missions in the game will be dictated by how much money the Kickstarter gets. The bare minimum for the project to get funded is $75,000, but there are milestones at $125,000, $175,000, and $200,000 that will bring additions like 4-player online coop, extra bosses, a console version, and leaderboards. Being that the project is at over $25,000 at the time of this posting with 28 days to go, there’s a pretty solid chance they’ll make it all the way to the $200,000 point.

Mercenary Kings shows a lot of promise, and the team behind the game has more than proven themselves with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. It strikes us as an ideal Kickstarter project, and we hope that you’re all as excited about it as we are. Or at least a significant chunk of you. We’ll take that.


Project Name: Mercenary Kings
Funds Needed: $75,000
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $25,446
Days Left: 28


Kickstarter Picks is a series of features on Gamezebo that will profile Kickstarter projects in the world of video games. We’re doing this in the hopes of calling attention to interesting projects in need of funding, so please, if a game looks like something you’d want to play, don’t hesitate to lend it your support!