Become a soldier as invisible as the cost of entry

It looks like Command & Conquer wasn’t the first established franchise to get a free-to-play announcement today. To kick off more Gamescom news, Ubisoft has officially announced Ghost Recon Online – a freemium version of the popular AAA tactics shooter.

Players will join the elite Ghost Recon squadron, employing tactics of attack, stealth, and support across the battlefield. As you complete games and improve your performance, you’ll unlock ways to gather new gear and weapons to aid you in this hi-tech military world. Strong play will allow your character to level up in experience, granting them access to new tiers with hundreds of different battlefield enhancements.


Super Ghost powers include Oracle to see through walls, Aegis to deflect enemy bullets, Blackout to disable enemy electronics, and Cloak to become almost invisible. Free FPS action has never looked this cool.

Battles will takeplace in 16-player team-based shootouts over two game modes. Each mode has a heavy focus on strategy and communication, making a strong connection with your fellow soldier an absolute key to survival. Think Team Fortress 2, but with more gritty realism.

Ghost Recon Online

With Ubisoft playing one of their strongest hands in hopes of getting to the freemium pot, yet another major developer is showing confidence with AAA gameplay under the enticing $0 pricetag. In light of Blacklight: Retribution, Tribes: Ascend, and Crytek’s upcoming Warface, Ghost Recon Online is shaping up to be another great free FPS title.

Both shooter veterans and newcomers alike can try out Ghost Recon Online‘s Open Beta starting today by visiting this link. It looks like the future of modern warfare isn’t just awesome: it’s also completely free to try!