Funky Smugglers attempts the impossible: Making airport security fun

To all the men and women that have endured airport security checks in recent years, you have our deepest sympathies. Funky Smugglers from 11 bit studios is a reflex-based action game that pokes a little fun (not below the belt, thankfully) at all those times we were scolded for trying to carry a bottle of Coke through the security check.

People smuggle some weird and dangerous stuff into American airports including poisons, diseases, weapons, and Canadian Kinder Eggs. In Funky Smugglers, it’s your job to sit in front of an X-ray scanner (wear lead pants) and grab forbidden objects off passengers as they shuffle through the zapper. The trick is, you have to differentiate between what’s good and bad. While there’s nothing technically illegal about the coffee cup Granny has stashed in her hair, you’re probably going to want to do something about the automatic weapon she has attached to her hip. And then you’re going to want to take that machete from the guy behind her.


As you play through Funky Smugglers, you can upgrade your X-ray scanner and gain power-ups that make the lineup of passengers go in slow motion (it’s called “Every Day at the Real Airport.” HA). You can also engage in multiplayer battles in an attempt to rack up the highest score. Forget safety—your gaming cred is at stake, here.

Funky Smugglers is coming soon for iOS, PC, Mac, and Android. Yeah, sir, we see those two meerkats  you duct-taped to your nipples. Step over here, please.