Eagle-eyed Facebook gamers may have noticed a surprising ad in their sidebar today for a game called CoasterVille.  More surprising still was the “Zynga” logo emblazoned on the ad.  Did Zynga slyly release a new game without making any sort of an announcement whatsoever?  Not really – but it looks like it could be a hint of things to come.

Clicking on the ad takes Facebook users to a survey that asks a series of questions about whether or not the reader would be interested in a game about rollercoaster fun, and at the very bottom, a link to the Zynga Privacy Policy appears – so it seems legit.

The questions are as follows;

  • How likely would you be to try a new Facebook game named CoasterVille?
  • Please explain why you would be likely or not likely to play a game named CoasterVille. (Please be specific)
  • Based on the name alone, which of the following Facebook games would you be the most likely to try?  Roller CoasterVille, Thrill Park, or CoasterVille?

Similarly, we’ve seen ads for Thrill Park as well with an identical set of questions (though the name Thrill Park takes the place of CoasterVille).  Survey takers can provide an email address to be notified when the game is available, so it looks like this one might be out of the “is it a good idea?” stage and more into the “what should we call it?” stage.

Also worth noting?  Visiting the website zyngacoasterville.com takes you straight to zynga.com.

It’s surprising that Zynga would want to embark on another roller coaster adventure – especially in light of the fact that their earlier Roller Coaster Kingdom was a pretty big flop.  What say you?  Are you excited about the prospect of doing loop-de-loops on Facebook?