Back at E3 2012, we interviewed Playdeck, the digital board gaming company. The big thing they were focusing on at the time was building an empire of digital board games – enough to spark an entire community of online gamers. With their newest Gen Con announcement, it looks like they’re right on track for fulfilling that goal. In addition to sale prices on all of their games, they’ve announced not one, not two, but three new digital adaptations coming soon for iOS.

The first, Smash Up, is a battling card game all about assembling the strongest multi-faction deck as possible. Aside from helping solve the classic Ninja vs. Pirates debate, there are plenty of other staples in the mix of awesome teams, including Zombies, Ninjas, Dinosaurs, and Robots. The unique mash-up mechanic, which allows players to combine one deck with two factions, sounds like the perfect thing to test over online battles.

The second, Tank on Tank, is a war battle simulator based on World War II battles between America and Germany. Combat is grid-based, and combines both infantry and tank-based combat in an easy to learn tactics-based package. Tactics games are perfect for touch screen devices, and we can’t wait to see more similar titles roll out onto the digital screen.

And last but not least is the award-winning Can’t Stop, a dice game that’s all about pressing your luck. Your goal is to move pieces as far across the board as you can in one turn. You can move as often as you like, but if you ever get in a situation where you can’t move one of your pieces, you lose the entire turn’s progress. Perfect for you gambling enthusiasts out there!

With one card game, one board game, and one dice game joining the Playdek repertoire, we can’t wait to see what comes next. Playdek has made some incredible progress with its game adaptations, and we’d love to see what they could do with as many great franchises as they can work with.