Lost Cities is found again, and it’s in great hands

There are few apps out there that stay on my iOS device’s library over the course of time. Not only are there dozens of great new games to try every single week, but I’m also obligated to constantly add new games as a reviewer. I’ve always decided to cheap out on a 16GB iPad, and that leaves me with less options. However, the fantastic Carcasonne app is one that remained on my devices since 2010. It’s that good of an adaptation.

TheCodingMonkeys, developers of the aforementioned title, have been lurking in the shadows ever since. We’ve been waiting for them to follow up on their incredible adaptation, and it looks like two years of patience has finally brought something to match it: an adaptation of Reiner Knizia’s Lost Cities.

Lost Cities

The classic “daring adventure for two” is all about completing the most expeditions without overextending your resources. You and your opponent race in card-by-card play in order to trek across the Himalayas, Brazilian Rain Forest, Desert Sands, Ancient Volcanoes, and Neptune’s Realm. Players burn through a 60-card deck in attempt to explore as many new areas as they can without wasting their investments.

Lost Cities

Fans of the original game, or simply great card games in general, can rejoice that TheCodingMonkeys are looking to add their usual touch to create fantastic presentation. Never Played Lost Cities before? That’s just fine – the iOS adaptation will have a complete fully-voiced tutorial. Once you’re in the swing of things, you can challenge friends and strangers over Game Center, or venture forth against 4 different skill levels of AI opponents.

Can TheCodingMonkeys strike again and make us go bananas for their new game adaptation? It’s pretty hard to bet against history, but the answer will be revealed on August 23rd, Lost Cities‘ release date.