All other hexagons pale in comparison

When it comes to ushering retro sensibilities into the modern age, few people out there pull it off quite as well as Terry Cavanagh. While some developers implement an 8- or 16-bit look and call it a day, Cavanagh digs deeper and creates games that capture the overall feel of classic video games. He does this by making his games profoundly hard, as evidenced by VVVVVV (that’s six v’s). Super Hexagon is taking that same whole hog approach, meaning you just might end up throwing your device in a fit of anger. Retro gamers, rejoice!

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon was originally a Game Jam game; little more than a kernel of an idea. After it was finished, Cavanagh found himself thinking about it quite a bit, mentally fleshing out certain aspects of the core concept. Much like how we remove the songs stuck in our head by listening to them from start to finish, Cavanagh made the decision to make a full-fledged game from the original idea.

A twitch puzzler, Super Hexagon forces players to swiftly react to a swarm of incomplete hexagon shapes swimming towards the center of the screen. If any part of the shapes makes contact with your cursor, it’s game over.

There hasn’t been a formal platform announcement on Cavanagh’s blog, but several of his tweets point towards the game releasing on iOS. And going by how the original version plays, it seems like the platform would be a solid fit.

Be sure to follow the game here on Gamezebo for future info on the game, such as the release date!