Fun fact: pit-bulls hop through dimensions all the time

In real life, we don’t have the ability to solve our problems by switching to alternate dimensions. It’s a shame, but somehow we get by. In Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers, though, parallel universes and differing dimensions are your very best friend. Well, along with the pit-bull by your side.

Coming to PC and Mac, Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers is looking to bamboozle players far and wide with its particular breed of dimension-hopping puzzle-ry. It follows the travels of the eponymous Oliver, as well as his friendly pit-bull Spike. Oliver was separated from his parents at a young age, and he’s decided to use his special gifts to learn more about both his past and future. A noble endeavor, if I say so myself.

The game consists of several worlds, each of which possess a host of different dimensions. These differing dimensions must be used to overcome obstacles in the game. One example cited by developer Rock Pocket Games is a blocked pathway in the forest. By switching to a different dimension — one with Jello-like qualities or perhaps one with lower gravity — the player will be able to find a way past.

But leaping around can have consequences. While one dimension may be home to peaceful inhabitants, another could be filled with more aggressive characters. It’s up to the player to discern which locations will help them in their journey, and which will result in death. I guess it’s a good thing you’ll have a pit-bull by your side.

Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers

Although the main game will be released for PC and Mac, there are also plans to release mini-games to iOS and Android, and possibly something else on social platforms. Furthermore, there are several comic strips available on the game’s website, showing that Rock Pocket Games is looking to craft a fleshed-out experience that transcends just the main game.

As an avid lover of a well-told story, I can’t help but applaud that.