Virtual crime is the most dangerous of all

If there’s one thing the boom in social gaming has shown us, it’s that people far and wide love the idea of role-playing a mobster. While you could likely construct a weighty psychological list of why that’s so, I’m pretty sure it all boils down to the fact that it’s fun. And in an effort to make things even more enjoyable, Playdom has introduced some new and interesting additions to the formula with Mobsters: Criminal Empire.

While all the sim elements of the previous games are still intact, a heavier emphasis has been placed on giving players a chance to witness combat and other activities in the game, as opposed to just relaying those concepts to text. The studio also put a lot of work into improving the visuals this time around, leading to a world that’s as detailed as it is gritty.

As players progress and grow their mob, the game’s map will grow in tandem. Unreachable areas are denoted by a layer of fog, and taking over buildings and sections of that area will cause said fog to disappear. True of all organized crime (I mean, I assume) there’s a level of strategy required here. There are various types of troops in the game, and you need to create different types of troops in order to go up against others.

Mobsters: Criminal Empire

The map on which these buildings are located is dynamically generated for each player, meaning not everyone will be playing on the same layout. But regardless of how your particular city is structured, your primary focus is on exploring and taking it over. And while organized crime is generally frowned upon, I have to imagine that people everywhere will be thanking you for methodically removing all of that darn fog.

If only real-life crime had the same effect.

The game will be live on Facebook some time today, and Playdom is considering bringing it to their own platform sometime in the future. I realize all of this is short notice, but virtual crime waits for no one — not even Darkwing Duck!