Marie Lu’s dystopian novel comes to life in Cities of Legend for Facebook

Big Brother is Watching You—waste your time on Facebook games about farming. The time for cuddly social games is done. Take up arms and join a side: The Republic, or the Rebels. Cities of Legend is an upcoming Facebook title that’s based on the young adult novel Legend written by author Marie Lu.

Cities of Legend takes place in a dystopian, divided version of the former United States that has been ripped apart by plagues, floods, and civil war. The game, which combines strategy, puzzles, and battle, gives you the option of fighting for the Republic (the dudes in charge of the new country), or with the Rebels (other, scragglier dudes who don’t like how things are going down).

The game’s setting and source material come from Legend, the first in a trilogy of young adult novels penned by Marie Lu. The books follow the fates of a wealthy Republic girl named June, and a cunning slum-dweller named Day. While Cities of Legend doesn’t appear to let you play as either character, there should still plenty of dirt and misery for your Facebook-born character to wallow in, right?

Cities of Legend

Cities of Legend hits Facebook this fall, so you’ll have plenty of time to choose between spending your time in the city or the slums.