GREE’s hoping its monsters can make a big splash on your iPhone

Once upon a time, monsters existed only to lurk under beds, in closets, and deprive generations of children of sleep. Now, roles are reserved. Kids utterly own monsters. They train the once-fierce critters, breed them, and summon them forth to fight to the death over schoolyard arguments regarding pencil toppers. Monpla Smash by GREE is another monster battling/collecting game that’s coming to iOS. Will the degradation of the proud monster race never end?


Monpla Smash takes place on an island filled with peaceful beasts. Idyllic islands full of innocent inhabitants are magnets for exploitation by the world’s meanest jerks, so it doesn’t take long for Monpla Island to fall victim to some weird activity that makes monsters turn wild. Someone needs to get to the bottom of things, and you’re elected.

Featuring over 100 monsters to collect, each one will have different attributes and tricks that can be used to claim victory over enemy monsters. You can also fuse your monsters to make stronger ones, which will be a big help in taking down the “shadowy organization” that’s hanging around the Island and making life suck for everyone.

Monpla Smash

Monpla Smash will be free-to-play, and should hit the App Store soon. Never forget, cute or not, that adorable blue cat with the big, wet eyes yearns for the days he terrorized kids’ dreams.