Turborilla is going back to the track with Mad Skills BMX

Swedish developer Turborilla is working on Mad Skills BMX, an iOS follow-up to the pretty excellent Mad Skills Motocross. That should be enough to get your attention, but here’s something a little more: The studio put together an animated trailer for the game that looks like a grungy but compelling cross between Beavis & Butthead and Rugrats. Oh, and the game looks pretty awesome, too.

Like its predecessor, Mad Skills BMX is all about jumping on a wheeled vehicle and riding it to the X-treme. Whereas most stunt games on iOS take place in the 3D realm, Mad Skills BMX sends you bumping over pits, hills, and obstacles in glorious 2D (think Excitebike for the NES). Californian punk rock band Strung Out is providing the game’s sweet tunes.

Mad Skills BMX features an endless racing mode, real physics, and responsive touch-screen controls. Needless to say, you can also race your friends across the dusty wilds of the dirt track. Oh, and if you play this game while sitting beside a love interest, he or she will immediately fall in love with you—though the trailer admittedly might be embellishing that feature.

Mad Skills BMX

Mad Skills BMX

Mad Skills BMX hits the App Store on August 16, so top off your summer with dirt, wheels, and love. By the way, did you spot Family Guy‘s Chris Griffin in the trailer?