This blood cannot be tamed

It’s only been a week since Gameloft let it slip that they were developing a game with Epic’s Unreal Engine. The announcement was accompanied by a screenshot and little else, forcing everyone to speculate on what, exactly, it was going to be. Clearly feeling bad for us, the studio has decided to give us a more detailed glimpse of the game. It’s an action/adventure title called Wild Blood, and there’s a whole lot of bad guys in need of killin’.

Despite Gameloft’s willingness to offer us some extra info, they’re still taking the cryptic route with a few key aspects. The protagonist, for example, is based on a well-known character from history. I’ve watched the trailer a few times and have had no luck spotting anyone or anything familiar. Furthermore, Gameloft has stated that a hint as to what the game’s story is about is also located in the video. I didn’t spot that either, but it’s worth noting that one of the tags on the trailer is “medieval.”

Wild Blood is coming to both iOS and Android at an unknown date. Being that this is the mobile space we’re dealing with, though, I imagine the release isn’t too far off. Then again, I’m guessing Gameloft wants enough time to tease us with details before the game comes out. Only time will tell!