An infectious new match-3 game

Love the addictive nature of match-3 gameplay, but hate that most games degenerate into a mad dash of sliding columns without getting a chance to think? If so, Viral Collapse is going to be perfect for you. And even if you had no problem at all with the fast-paced nature of most match games, you can continue matching at the pace that you love.

Viral Collapse is all about clearing rows of colorful virus monsters in whatever means you see fit. Matching as quickly as possible is still a perfectly applicable method, but methodical play is also rewarded. By completing matches with as few movements as possible, players will receive a boost to their score.


Speaking of boosts, players will be on a constant curve to success by employing the game’s token system. By collecting tokens, you can buy impressive powers to improve your virus zapping skills. More skills means more methods of destruction, and eventually you’ll have enough tokens for the field-clearing Super powers.

Viral Collapse

Viral Collapse will be releasing over the Mobage network, and you can expect to have plenty of connectivity options for leaderboards against your friends and enemies. Viral Collapse is currently entering its phase of beta testing – match-3 fans can expect to have a colorful new title to add to their repertoire soon.