Leveling up never looked so pretty

Why do we play RPGs? Part of it comes from the ability to take control of a fantasy character (hence the term “role playing”). Part of it might come from an engaging plotline. But at its core, one of the most addictive parts of role playing games is the ability to constantly grow and expand your character. In this vein, Level Up! sounds like it already has its priorities in order.

The concept behind Level Up! is making an addictive mobile RPG that doesn’t skimp out on the visuals. And if Delusion Studio’s current screenshots are anything to go off of, this game already looks gorgeous. With smooth and colorful cell-shading and several facial expressions for each character, mobile RPG enthusiasts are in for a graphical treat.

Level Up!

Combat is looking to be a nod back to the old days of combat, with each party separated from one another horizontally. Through a combination of tap and swipe gestures, the hero of your choice will perform everything from basic attacks to impressive full-screen attack animations.

Level Up!

Aside from the expected mix of locations, quests, and battles, Level Up! carries plenty of options for social interaction. Between Facebook integration, Game Center support, and an in-game auction system, you’ll have plenty of reason to head out on an adventure alongside your friends in the age-old battle of “who can level up faster”.

It shouldn’t be long before you’ll be on your quest to level up through Level Up!: release is slated for this summer, with beta testing coming very soon. We can’t wait to see those beautiful fantasy visuals in full motion.