Forget everything you know about old school adventure and RPG games. Also forget everything you know about ducks. Are you done? Perfect. Our latest Kickstarter Pick, Duck Quest? (their question mark, not ours), will shatter the fragile paradigm you exist in, and leave you wondering if you ever really knew what the life of a duck was like.

The game tells the story of a mother duck on a journey through a city park to locate her lost ducklings. She (and, by proxy, you) will meet several interesting characters. Some of them will regale you with touching stories; others will just make you laugh. The trailer — located on the game’s Kickstarter page — gives players a small taste of the types of people and animals they’ll encounter, all of which strike me as staple figures in city park settings. There’s the smooth sax player, the artist at work on a sunny vista, the hot dog vendor, a dog, and what appears to be two birds chatting it up. Will those birds accept you as one of their own? Only time will tell.


Having already gone $2,000 over its proposed $500 goal, Duck Quest? has proven that people everywhere want to take on the role of an 8-bit duck. One could argue it’s some deep, Freudian urge to atone after shooting too many of them in Duck Hunt, but I myself chalk it up to the fact that ducks are awesome. And cute, too.


The game is set to arrive this Fall on developer Waffle Friday Studios’ homepage. It will be free for everyone to play, but there’s still plenty of reason to pitch in to the project. The rewards feature items like custom prints from artist Louie Zong, along with Duck Quest? playing cards and shirts. There’s also a reward tier where you can purchase a print of Zong’s previous work, nearly all of which would look wonderful in a frame.


Project Name: Duck Quest?
Funds Needed: $500
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $2,678
Days Left: 23


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