Order & Chaos Online, Gameloft’s popular MMORPG title, has a lot of new content on the way — the most notable of which is the inclusion of PvP arenas. The decision to update the game was inspired by the many demands fans were making for additional content, proving a mobile developer’s work is never really done.

The game is currently home to PVP areas where players can engage in battle against one another, but the forthcoming update will introduce 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 arenas into the mix, bestowing players with dedicated venues to go head-to-head in combat.

The update will also see the addition of purchasable mounts, as well as a brand new dungeon titled “Salien Pt. 2.” And perhaps most surprisingly, Gameloft is dropping the paid subscription model entirely. You can’t beat free!

The update is set to release later this month on iOS, though there’s no word yet on when or if it will arrive on other platforms. Keep your eyes on the updates section of the App Store, and until then prepare your character for a little player-on-player combat.