Manage squirrels’ spa days and social lives with Happy Squirrels

Listen up: It’s really important to make sure that the squirrels in your neighborhood—and those living beyond—are comfortable. When they’re displeased, they unfurl their true natures, and can strip your skin from your bones in less than five minutes. It’s not a joke. That said, Happy Squirrels is an iOS game, so it technically can’t sink its teeth into you.


When you begin playing Happy Squirrels, you’re cast as a down-on-your-luck urban rodent on the verge of starvation. God intervenes (the Lord is a giant squirrel by the way, just getting that out there) and drops a golden acorn that grows into an enormous hollowed-out tree for all of squirreldom to frolic in.

Thus begins your task. You’re the landlord of this squirrely abode, and must manage the property in a manner that makes all your tenants happy. You grow your tree level-by-level, invite more squirrels to move in, open up businesses, and build amenities that are fit for a tree rat. You can also play minigames when you get sick of waiting on squirrels hand and foot. 

Happy Squirrels     Happy Squirrels

Happy Squirrels is coming soon to iOS. We advise you to run outside and share the good news with every squirrel that you see.